Asana Cards – english version

Asana Cards are a 61-card deck featuring uniquely illustrated yoga poses and breathing techniques.
Asana Cards provide you with a great tool to learn more about essential yoga poses and design your own yoga sequence. They are perfect for those who are beginning their yoga journey, those who want to deepen their yoga knowledge, or those who are on yoga teacher training.


Brak w magazynie


Each card contains a yoga pose illustration and a Sanskrit name on the front, with the benefits, step-by-step instructions how to do the pose, modifications and cautions on the back. Every card is numbered and categorized.

Follow a themed yoga flow or create your own sequence!

What is included in Asana Cards
♥ 55 yoga poses
♥ 3 breathing techniques
♥ 4 themed yoga sequences
♥ An index card of all categories & yoga poses
♥ Packed in a beautiful two-piece box

Asana cards are printed on 300gsm high quality art paper, smooth matte finish, with rounded edges.



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